General Information

Shelley Point is located approximately 150km from Cape Town on the Cape West Coast within the bigger St Helena Bay area, which is one of the world’s prime fishing centres. Fed by the nutrient rich Benguela current, the waters teem with marine life and provide the livelihood for its coastal inhabitants. St Helena Bay is also one of only three natural bays on the mainland coastlines of the world where one can see views of both a sunrise and a sunset over the sea! St Helena Bay is recognized as one of the calmest bays in the world as it is sheltered from the West Coast winds.

Three magnificent bays frame the Shelley Point Peninsula, each with its own unique charm, from beautiful white beaches to one of the calmest bays on the West Coast. We are within easy reach of other places of interest like Paternoster, Langebaan, Port Owen, Lamberts Bay and many more.

We take pride in our magnificent Country Club and Spa, built adjacent to a nine-hole golf course. Residents and visitors can enjoy the facilities at the Country Club such as a restaurant and bar. Or allow yourself to be pampered at the Wellness Centre. Additional facilities include a swimming pool, gym, tennis courts and bowling green.

Our 24-hour security service offers peace of mind to residents and visitors alike.

Shelley Point offers a wealth of natural beauty and abundant sea life.

Southern Right whales can be observed in growing numbers in the bay area until the end of February and lately even into the winter months. It is also one of only two areas in the world where Heaviside’s Dolphins, also the only endemic cetacean in Southern African waters, are found.

Fishing along the shores provides catches of crayfish, snoek, stump nose, yellowtail and galjoen. White and black mussels can also be collected along the shore.

We also care about our antelope (steenbokkies), hare, tortoises and other wildlife and visitors should drive with caution. Also watch out for owls and other nocturnal bird life after dark.

Magnificent flowers can be seen in late winter and spring.

Given that birding is the world’s fastest growing pastime, there are numerous bird species to be found in the St Helena Bay area. It’s a wild and lovely environment, home to the African Black Oyster catcher (Haemotopus moquini). The presence of this striking bird with its black body and red beak and legs, is threatened by invasion of its natural home, the pristine beaches where it lays its eggs.

Shelley Point is ideal for the water sport enthusiast. Activities include kayaking, diving, sailing and large numbers of surfers are attracted to what is known as “surfers’ heaven & hell”. The Britannia lies buried beneath the waters of Britannia Bay and the wrecks of many other sailing ships offer up a challenge to the underwater diver.