This private development is home to 300 permanent residents and the potential abode of 800 more houses – and who knows, perhaps after your visit you’ll be # 301!

Shelley Point, covering an area of 150 hectares stretches from Stompneusbaai in the east, Shell Bay to the north and looks back over Golden Mile to the west. The strandveld it consists of is home to many species: Angulate Tortoises, Guineafowl and Cape Spurfowl, Steenbok and Cape Mongoose – not to mention the threatened African Black Oystercatcher who nests in the beds of washed-up mussel shells. These waters are home to the Heaviside’s Dolphin, endemic along Southern Africa’s West Coast. – Visitors also have the chance to watch Southern Right Whales mate and calve during breeding season – which peaks in December. A gem in any nature lover’s language and one we hope you’ll discover, delight in and respect and protect.

There are two entrances to the estate: the New Gate from the main turnoff, and a second via Golden Mile Boulevard which closes at 19:00. Both are manned, and visitors will be asked to complete the register and have their car photographed on entering. Please be patient if there’s a queue; the security personnel are only doing their job and will attend to you as quickly as possible.

Please be aware that there is a speed limit of 40kph in and around Shelley Point which should be strictly adhered to. Speed bumps have been put in place to ensure adherence to this rule. There are other salient road conduct rules and remember; they’re there for your and our safety.

The allowing of dogs into the development is strictly controlled. Anyone not adhering to the requirements will be turned back at the gate.

The rules that have been put into place are designed to make your stay more enjoyable, and ultimately give everybody  peace of mind.

Help us to make your journey a safe one
so that you leave with the desire to return to the jewel of the

West Coast, Shelley Point


Shelley Point is located approximately 150km from Cape Town on the Cape West Coast within the bigger St Helena Bay area.


Three magnificent bays frame the Shelley Point Peninsula, each with its own unique charm, from beautiful white beaches to one of the calmest bays on the West Coast.


Our 24-hour security service offers peace of mind to residents and visitors alike. Shelley Point offers a wealth of natural beauty and abundant sea life.