Building Design Manual

Building Design Manual

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The aim is not to re-produce a West Coast Fishing Cottage, but rather to create a variety of aesthetically pleasing homes, well suited to modern living, that reflect the architectural style of the area by adapting the features such as dark pitched roofs with parapet gables, white painted plastered walls, and simple (if any) decorations.

These requirements are in addition to the regulations and by-laws of the Local Authority and the National Building Regulations. The Developers reserve the right to make any additions or alterations to these Standards that, in their opinion, are necessary to preserve the architectural style and harmony of the Development.

To maintain the required Standards, all building work of any nature which requires the submission of Plans to the Local Authority, must be designed by a registered Architectural Practice, Architect or at least a Senior Technologist.

All proposed building work is to be approved by the Developer, the Shelley Point Home Owners Association (SPHOA) and an independent architect duly appointed by the Developer and SPHOA, for which a scrutiny fee will be charged prior to submission to the Local Authority.